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Supply of services agreement

This Agreement regulates the relations arising out of the use of the site http://nikahsunna.com/ (Next — «the Site») and the provision of services by the administration of the Site (Next — «the Administration») between the Administration and an individual (Next — «the User»).

This Agreement is a public offer of the Administration.

By registering at the Site the User accepts this Agreement.

Accepting this Agreement the User:

  1. Confirms that they have familiarized themselves with the terms of this Agreement
  2. Confirms that they are at least 16 years of age.
  3. Is personally responsible for the content published by them on the Site, safety and confidentiality of the data required for their logging in at the Site.
  4. Is aware that the Site may contain materials intended for adult Users only.
  5. Undertakes to use the Site  in accordance with  current applicableв laws.
  6. Undertakes not to publish e-mail addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, links and other contact details.
  7. Undertakes not to publish insults, libel, obscene expressions, pornographic or other immoral materials; materials demonstrating or propagandising cruelty, terror or violence; materials offending human dignity; as well as other illegal materials.
  8. Undertakes not to mislead, stalk or disturb other Users; not to contact other Users in cases where their actions clearly indicate unwillingness to be so contacted.; not to mediate relationships of other Users.
  9. Undertakes not to enter, without the Administration’s consent, into transactions or offer to conclude transactions with other Users in respect of any goods or services; not to use the Site for distribution of advertisement or illegal propaganda.
  10. Gives the Administration an exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, translate, change and convey the materials added by the User to the Site or transferred by them to the Administration by other means through cables, wires or other similar conduits so that anyone can have access to them in interactive regime from any place and at any time (the right to public notification).

The Administration reserves the right to:

  1. Modify the Site at its discretion.
  2. Provide fee-based and free of charge services to Users ( — «the Services»).
  3. Implementing changes to the given Agreement without any specific notification. A new version of the Agreement becomes valid from the moment of its appearance on the Site.
  4. Change the cost and types of the Services and their validity periods; The User is entitled to terminate a fee-based Service – in this case the funds that have not been spent by the User might be returned to them at the discretion of the Administration. Transfer of funds from one User to another is not provided.
  5. Edit or delete materials published by the User on the Site if they breach the terms of this Agreement, cause damage to the Administration or to the third parties.
  6. Termination of proposed User Services in the case of breach of current agreement conditions. In this instance the User's payment will not be refunded.
  7. Use personal data of the User as well as the materials published by the User on the Site and being in open access, in particular for the purposes of creation of advertising materials, publishing the materials on the sites of the Administration’s partners and for other purposes.
  8. Assign the rights granted by the User in this Agreement to third parties for the purposes of performance of this Agreement without the User's consent.

The Administration is not liable:

  1. For the content, reliability and accuracy of the materials published by the Users.
  2. For any loss or damage, loss of information or any other losses incurred by anyone and arising out of the use of the Site, including the use by means of mobile communications and other telecommunication.
  3. For infringement by the User of any copyright and other rights belonging to third parties by publishing materials in contravention of the legislation in force (including copyright laws), added by the User to the Site or transferred to the Administration by other means.